Tuesday, 26 April 2011

This is the life!

Out for our first walk this morning at 9am and what a beautiful morning!  Why did I work in an office for so long?  Oh, I know, to pay the bills!! Anyway we had the woods to ourselves - just me the dogs and the confounded woodpecker that I hear every time but have never managed to spot! The forest floor is covered in a carpet of bluebells and wild garlic and looks and smells magnificent. The dogs, however don't care about that,  but boy, do they have fun! Its noses down and away they go. We always play hide and seek, to make sure they still focus on me but our antics must look rather strange to any innocent passers by!
Back home after 2 hours for a well deserved cuppa for me and a snooze for the dogs.  Bliss!  I've just filled up the paddling pools and re-arranged the agility course ready for fun and games once it gets a bit cooler this afternoon - its hot but I'm not complaining!

On a more serious note, please remember to talk to your vet about getting your dog protected against lungworm.  I'm noticing a LOT of slug trails just now so don't put it off.  The problem arises when dogs accidentally (or on purpose!!) eat slugs or snails.  Also the larvae of the parasite are expelled in a dog's faeces and this increases the chances of other dogs becoming infected. If your dog gets infected it can be fatal.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Launch message

Hi all dog lovers

Ayrshiredogcare has moved forward and launched our own blog.  We will be posting snippets of information and ideas for dog care from our own experience but would also encourage input and discussion from amongst our many friends throughout the world.

Ayrshire Dog Care Clients.JPG
PS - as an example how about toilet training!
Suggest a topic. solution or idea and we will see what results.