Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Torrential rain and blowing a hoolie! Can't get any of the dogs to go out - the kitchen and living room is carpeted end to end with dogs all snoring their heads off but it sounds wonderful. We had it dry up until about an hour ago so we've all had great fun.
Jaro is staying tonight and for the next few nights so he will be in the lovely company of Millie and Molly the Cocker Spaniels. I almost sent him packing earlier as he had jumped into the pool and from there into one of the planters which is filled with lovely dark compost - great for digging in! (no flowers though, thanks to the earlier exploits of Maisy and Summer asssisted by Jaro)  He looked like nothing on earth with clumps of mud sticking to him everywhere. Fortunately (?!) he then jumped back in the pool so was just soaking wet rather than wet and dirty.
Milly and Holly the black labs are here for day care from yesterday until Saturday and they are getting on great guns with the gang, Hector in particular - they've become "his" girls - they're in love!
Training went well last night until after the first class when Holly  had a "blonde moment" and shut Maisy AND the car keys in the car. Maisy proceeded to sit on the keys and activated the central locking. I think it was just a ruse so Maisy could stay here! (Carol Ann had the "bright" idea of trying to get Maisy to jump about in the car to see if she would dance on the keys - that didn't work, Maisy just looked at her as if she was daft - hmmmm!!)Maisy would be more than welcome to stay but Holly ........  well that's something else! Fortunately David, Holly's husband, who was 60 miles away at the time,  came to the rescue with the spare set. Unfortunately that meant we had to put up with Holly until later than we anticipated!! Happily Maisy was none the worse of her adventure and settled down for a snooze to recover from the training.