Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Sorry to you all, Dear Readers!!

Well, I've been given a right royal rollicking by one of my clients - that's your card marked, Carol-Ann - for not updating this for a while, but the question is, do you, my clients want me to sit at the computer furiously typing away or have hours of fun with your dogs?!! NO CONTEST!
On this occasion, I will forgive her as the other day she came bearing gifts in the form of a home made chicken tikka curry that was out of this world. I'm wondering how long it is going to be before there is a follow up - you know I don't have time to cook AND look after Summer, C-A!!
Anyway back to my life with dogs.  I've been so busy - my feet hit the floor at 6am and we are lucky if we sit down to dinner at 8.30.  Last night is was 9.30 - not good for the digestive system.
Today, I have here Scarlett, Bella, Summer, Maisy, Toby and Zak - if you look on the website you will see a pic of them out in the courtyard - title PPP - Petit Puppy Party!
Scarlett's mum has been poorly and in hospital so she has been a fixture for the last couple of weeks or so although of course, she is a regular for day care. Jane is feeling better so Scarlett is going home today with the proviso that her mum MUST phone me to pick her back up if she can't manage.  I'm sure she will be fine as Scarlett is such an easy dog to look after and an absolute pleasure.
Bella the Beagle is another regular but at the moment, she is having restricted exercise as she has "tweaked" her leg so we are trying to rest it - tell that to Bella! However I can confine her to the courtyard here where she can still play and have fun without over doing things too much.  Her best friend just now is Maisy the adorable Cockapoo puppy, Maisy is rather fickle though and her best friend could be somebody different tomorrow - typical female I hear some of you guys say!  Maisy is rather partial to diving in the goldfish pond so Stuart is currently making a wire frame up to put the kybosh on that little game!
Summer has been with me since before she had her vaccinations 5 days a week and she has made herself totally at home!  She never stops, in fact every so often I have to put her and Maisy into their crates for some "time out" otherwise by the time they get home at night, all their parents will see them do is sleep! Summer is as sharp as a pin and leads the rest of them a merry dance as she learned very quickly that she fits under things that the others don't so she torments the life out of them and then high tails it for whatever else she can get under and goes from cover to cover, thumbing her nose at the rest of them!
Zak is here for home boarding again while mum and dad are away at a concert so he goes home this afternoon.  He's having great fun playing with his new pals - they all get on really well.
And then we come to Toby.  Toby has been coming for day care over the past few days as his mum is on holiday. He is nearly 16 and everyone who meets him wants to take him home.  His ancestry is a bit suspect - we don't know what he is exactly but what we do know is that he is wonderful.  He was a rescue and was found being used as a football by some kids when he was about three. Emily found him in the rescue home and fell in love with him right away - I can totally understand why - and he's had the best life ever since.  He is very much loved.
In between times, I have been busy walking Alfie, a Spanish Water Dog, while his mum was on hoilday.  It took him a couple of days to get used to me (no comments on that, please!) but he soon was looking forward to his daily walk along the sea front.
Dixie and Casey are still regular fixtures and we have great fun out on our walks - Dixie loves to go and meet and play with every dog she sees while Casey has cost me a fortune in tennis balls.  She loves them but will insist on taking them into the stream with her only to see them bobbing off down the water!
Scooby the beautiful retriever was with us overnight the other night and like all of them, always settles really well - home from home! Archie the Great Dane/Mastiff, and Boris and Ella the Bull Mastiffs are all regular fixtures now for overnights and they too feel totally at home from the minute they arrive.  It gives Stuart and I so much pleasure to know that the dogs are all so happy here with us - whether it be for day care or sleep overs.
Hector the labradoodle is spending some quality time with his mum just now as Pat is finished college for this term.  She came out top of her class so all the hard work paid off, Pat - well done and remember I'm looking for some pics of Muirburn Ash to grace my walls! Hector is joining us this weekend for a few sleep overs so there is always fun when he's here! I mean that in a nice way, Pat and Brendan!
We have a busy summer to look forward to with new "babies" coming for day care and lots of home boarders booked in while their lucky owners jet of for some sun and relaxation!
We have been doing some work on an area we used to school the horses in, and are intending holding dog training classes, including fun agility classes so anyone interested in that, do get in touch.  They will be very sociable occasions for humans and canines  - I feel sometimes that some training clubs lack that aspect and can sometimes be a bit too serious - but probably that's just me! The classes will be great fun whilst learning at the same time. Dale my friend who is a whizz with dogs and has a great rapport with them,  and is currently studying for her qualifications in canine behaviour and psychology, will be taking the classes.  She will also do "one to one" for those of you who think you would benefit from that. We want everyone to totally enjoy their dogs and if we can help to make that happen, that's great!
Anyway, is that enough for now, Carol-Ann?
I'm off to drop Toby off at home ready for his mum coming back and to take Scarlett home to see her mum so will be back to write more in the near future - is that a threat or a promise, I wonder!!!

Friday, 3 June 2011

Hello to Dixie and Casey

Due to  Dawn, the owner's, work committments, I have started walking Dixie the Doodle and Casey the Labrador, 4 times a week every couple of weeks and it is going very well indeed. I pick them up at their home and always get a very enthusiastic welcome from both of them.  They pop into the van like they have been doing it all their lives and off we go to Rozelle for some fun and  exercise.  After the first couple of walks, I let them off the leads and they are so good.  Casey tends to stay close to me while Dixie loves nothing more than heading off to meet and greet every other dog she spots, or for a change, makes mad dashes to try and catch birds - totally unsuccessful so far! She always comes back to the whistle as she knows she gets treats!  They are so good and friendly and a pleasure to be with. Yesterday, Casey insisted in carting a 5 foot long branch with her for most of the walk - and I've got the bruises to prove it on the backs of my legs!  I had to call out a warning to everyone we met! There is a rather large and smelly puddle that I keep forgetting about BUT they don't and they always make a beeline for it, so more often than not they are in it before I can call them away.  They are returned home a bit "pongy" but very happy.  Sorry, Dawn!


Hector's dad and Summer's mum took them to training on Wednesday evening for the first time  along at Auchincruive. There is no negative punishment involved in the training at all  - only positive re-inforcement - and the dogs respond so much better to this form of training rather than the old fashioned methods still used by some trainers.
Anyway we had a great time on Wednesday night and Hector and Summer did really well as did their owners - much to their delight!
After the training Dale took Theo her wonderful rescue Rottweiler, who is so brilliant with every dog he meets and such a great mentor and I took Hector, for some fantastic playtime in the grounds of Auchincruive and they had an absolute ball together!
Back again next Wednesday and it is Hector's mum taking him this time so watch this space for a progress report!