Saturday, 25 February 2012

Happy (belated!!) New Year!

Don't know where to start - its been so long since I've had time to sit and update this - I seem to start every post with an apology of some sort!

Last time, we were looking forward to our Christmas Party with Being Canine Dog Training. That was a great success. We were keeping an eye on the weather but it was fine - a hail shower just as we were setting up but that soon blew over and the party went ahead. Everyone joined into the spirit of things and dressed up - dogs too. Helen, Jim and Bailey came as a Christmas tree, Santa and a present for under the tree respectively - looked great too. Poor Helen had been up half the night sewing her tree costume! There was lots of lovely grub including fantastic homemade soup courtesy of Carol-Ann which hit the spot on a cold December's day, and we all had great fun - not least the dogs! Dale had prizes for various things and made sure no-one went home empty handed. Just as it came to an end, the wind got up and we were all hanging on to the gazebo for grim death. Fortunately we had the "added weight" of David, Holly and Carol-Ann to help so averted catastrophe. We are already looking forward to this year's get togethers - we're planning a treasure hunt, barbeque etc so the Training has become very sociable too which is what we were aiming for.
The agility equipment is being added to on a regular basis thanks to Stuart and we have been able to carry on with the classes right through the winter - only losing one to the weather.
Ayrshire dog Care has been very busy with lots of new friends added to the mix on a regular basis. The services we offer are proving very popular and already have bookings for December. Its great to see all the newbies joining in with all the fun and games after the initial observation period.
Improvements to the facilities are on going - we have two chill-out rooms which the dogs love so we are planning a third (poor Stuart!) and we are looking at perhaps erecting a log cabin in the training arena - lots to consider though! Looking at prices for that just now, but I think it will be well worth the expense and effort - again it will be over to Stuart to build it! I'll soon have to be looking at getting the paddling pools out again - roll on the lighter nights and better weather! Stuart in a moment of madness which he's no doubt already regretting, offered to make me a new sandpit. I think he thinks I've forgotten that but ........!
We had Buick staying with us for three weeks over Christmas and he's booked in for Christmas 2012. Boris is here just now for his extended holiday while his Mum is in Oz. He's had a great time - been very active despite how it looks on my Facebook pics! He's enjoyed the company of the other dogs and his little walks with Axl. Which brings me to my new addition!
We lost Chili, one of my own girls I had bred, and decided to look for a boy puppy. After a lot of research I found a breeder in Ireland whose lines I liked and bought Axl (as we named him) sight unseen. Stuart and I made the trip over to Belfast and Alan the breeder was kind enough to drive up from Southern Ireland to meet us at the ferry and hand over the puppy, then it was back on the ferry for the return trip. We're delighted with Axl - he settled in from Day One and is getting on great with all the other dogs - our own and the ones who come here for Day Care and Home Boarding - he is one very well sociallised wee pup! I take him to Dale's puppy class on a Sunday morning and he's hilarious - just gets on with everything asked of him with an expression on his face that defies description! We're really pleased with him although of course, we'd love him no matter what.
We've got lots of puppies who come to us for Day Care now and that's great to see - it shows people are being responsible and don't expect the pup to be ok left at home all day alone - something I am very much against and feel very strongly about. Whilst here, they have great fun, are very well socialised, learn manners from the other dogs and go home tired and happy which makes for a contented household!
As we havent had a day off since March last year (yes, really!) we have scored the diary of for a weekend in March and are taking Axl for a long weekend away. Carol, Stuart's sister, is holding the fort here and looking after the rest of our dogs. That's always fun and games for her as they tend to have a lot of fun at her expense - add the pigs into the mix and its chaos!! I don't like leaving our clients bereft of our company but I'm sure they'll all survive and maybe realise how lucky they are to have found us (she says, tongue firmly in cheek:-) )!!
Until next time, whenever that might be!