Saturday, 8 October 2011

And Still they Come!

Been very busy - lots of new friends to introduce to, and have fun with, the stalwarts. I've given up the dog walking side of things and am now concentrating on the Day Care and Home Boarding as there just aren't enough hours in the day to walk the Day Care and Home Boarding dogs and do dog walking too.
The Home Boarding side of things continues to be very popular as people jet off to find the sun. They like the idea that the dogs live with us as part of the family and have all the home comforts at night and lots of lovely play with their friends during the day. It certainly works very well and so far we have had no stressed dogs missing their family!
Willow a little Cockapoo we have staying with us just now is case in point - she made herself totally at home from the minute she arrived and gets on like a house on fire with all the dogs she's been introduced to - she's having a whale of a time. She gets herself up onto one of our rocking chairs at night, snuggles into the cushions and watches TV with us until walk and bed time! She sleeps in a cage at home so we have a lovely big crate for her complete with a soft duvet and in she goes at night with not a cheep out of her the whole night.
The walks in the woods just now are a rather muddy experience, although that doesn't deter the dogs from having a great time - they don't mind the mud, it seems, in fact for some of them, the muddier the better.
I thought it would be time to put the paddling pools away until next Spring but I think I would have a mutiny on my hands if I did as the dogs are still making full use of them - fortunately the kitchen floor is flag stones so when they career back into the kitchen from the pool, there's no harm done - apart from a very wet floor!
They've set up circuit training  - pool, sandpit, into the kitchen, a race round the kitchen table then straight back out again for a few laps round the courtyard and then a repeat performance. No wonder they all go home tired at night and sleep the sleep of the "innocent"!!