Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Where to start?!

Can't believe its the 19 July already - the time is flying by but they say that's a sign of old age!
Its been hell for leather here at Ayrshire Dog Care this last while, obviously word's getting about that we vaguely know what we are doing when it comes to dogs - a bit of a pity that doesn't apply to the rest of our lives!
We've got a "newbie" in the form of Jaro the German Shepherd puppy who is adorable.  He came for the first time last week and to start with was introduced to "the regulars" through a baby gate, behind which he could see everything that was going on without being overwhelmed by the "hooligans". It quickly became clear that he would fit in just fine so I introduced him to Maisy who was great with him as she is with all dogs. (We are very fortunate here that they all seem to "gel" but of course we do take great care with introductions - more of that later.) He was then introduced to "old timer" Bella, Max the Cocker Spaniel who is spending overnights with his gran and  comes here for day care while Mum and Dad are on holiday, and Bute the Working Cocker Spaniel who is here for his holidays while mum and dad are on theirs. They all settled in very well together and Jaro fitted in as if he had always been with them. He goes home at night a tired but happy puppy.  Everyone always has time out during the day though, to avoid any of them getting over tired.
Introduction to Summer had to wait until yesterday as Carol Ann had the cheek to be on holiday and decided she wanted time alone with Summer at home! I think though, that Summer was delighted to be back as her whole body went into "one huge wag" mode when she arrived yesterday morning - no backward looks at Carol Ann! Summer has the best of both worlds as does Maisy and all the other dogs who we are lucky enough to spend time with.
We are looking forward to having a beautiful little Cockapoo join us in the near future for day care. Her parents and I have been in conversation about her as she had a bad experience when at day "care" (!) elsewhere so we are having to undo the trauma and start again with her carefully. Her parents are doing everything right and with us all working together I'm sure she'll be fine. She was here for the day last week  and again using the baby gate we were able to let her see the rest of the dogs and experience the day to day happenings from a comfortable distance. We've organised that she come for three consecutive days next week so I'll report on that. Keep your fingers crossed for her.
The training classes are going really well and everyone is thoroughly enjoying them - including the dogs! We have the agility equipment set up - just beginner standard at the moment - and they are all taking to it like ducks to water! The training area is working really well - a good size with plenty of room - and Dale is working her magic with humans and canines! The main thing is we want everyone to enjoy it and that seems to be what is happening - we are getting along like a house on fire and having a laugh too! We do half an hour of obedience and then half an hour of agility. We have a beginners/puppy class as well so something for everyone!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


I had every intention of finding some time yesterday  to let you all know what we have been up to recently and all about our new arrivals.  However I had a phone call from Ella the Bull Mastiff's mum to break the bad news that our Ella had passed away peacefully at the weekend. Mel is obviously devastated and I'm afraid I didn't keep a stiff upper lip when she told me, sorry Mel.
Ella and her brother Boris came to me on a regular basis for sleepovers and they totally made themselves at home right from the start. We used to laugh at Ella and the  "Les Dawson" faces she used to pull! She was such a great dog and Stuart and I will miss her visits so much. Only because we personally have lost dogs in the past, can we begin to imagine how Mel is feeling. I'm sure you all send her your best wishes.
Mel gave Ella such a good life and hopefully she can take some comfort from that.
We are looking forward to Boris's visits at the end of the month, when he will be thoroughly spoiled!

Fly high, Ella