Saturday, 27 August 2011

Dogs' Abuse!

Can't be putting up with this - who do my clients think they are - giving me verbal because I haven't been updating my blog for a couple of weeks! I think some of them  (Holly!!) think I sit all day drinking tea and eating biccies! I don't know how many warnings Holly has had about her behaviour BUT I really feel she must be on her last warning by now. If it wasn't for the "adorable" Maisy, she'd be out the door long ago.
I'm having such fun doing this doggy thing (on reflection, perhaps I could have worded that better!)- every day is different and I can't wait to see what all my babies get up while they're here!
We've been really busy and lots of "newbies" finding their way to us - and after carefully introducing everyone - they all get on like a house on fire and have great fun. Its great to see them all socialising - how its meant to be in a dog's world!
We had the pleasure of Summer's company for a few nights as Carol Ann was ill so while I felt sorry for Carol Ann, it was great to have Summer here for overnights. Wee soul trotted upstairs to bed each night, snuggled into her duvet and that was her until it was time to get up - not a bother. Glad you are feeling better now, Carol Ann, but missed Summer last night!
Maisy was on holiday a couple of weeks ago and  things were strangely quiet however she certainly made up for lost time this week and when she and Jaro get together well - CHAOS!! They love jumping into the pool together  from a great distance to create a huge tidal wave so look out if you happen to be within 4 feet of the pool when they do it. Summer doesn't have anything to do with this as she hates the water but will be in the thick of everything else that goes on during the day. Jaro is growing quickly but as he has been with us since he was a small puppy, the others don't seem to notice that he is growing fast and is a  lot bigger than them already!
Poppy is coming on really well and enjoys her days here with her friends. Her mum and dad tell me that her new confidence is also very much in evidence now when they are out and about with her.
Hector's mum starts college again in September so we are looking forward to him coming back for a couple of days a week - he's such good company and great with all the other dogs. We have been seeing him on a regular basis however, as he comes to training every week and is loving it and really coming on. He's taken to the agility like a duck to water.
Daisy the West Highland Terrier will be a regular  -  she very quickly made friends with the others and was soon joining in their games. The "old timers" are always very welcoming to the newcomers and don't take "no" for an answer when it comes to playtime!
We are looking forward to welcoming a Pomeranian puppy next week, courtesy of Naomi who works with Carol Ann. Name to be finally decided but the favourite at the moment is "Flynn". He''ll be here three days a week so again, getting the puppies socialised from an early age can only be of great benefit to them. Its certainly paid off with the other babies who came here when they were 12 weeks - sometimes I think its paid off too well - not mentioning any names! Even with older dogs its never too late, just takes longer and lots of patience, but very rewarding for everyone, not least the dog.
We've had all the regulars coming for day care and sleep overs - Scooby's coming tonight and  Boris is coming tomorrow for a sleep over. Scarlett is back with us now that Jane is well enough to go back to work - glad you are feeling better, Jane, and great to have Scarlett back where she belongs! Bella is here at least two days a week. Bella and Scarlett are both here today with Holly and Milly who are here for a wee trial day before Mum and Dad go on holiday next week, then Holly and Milly will be here every day for day care. Bella and Scarlett very quickly showed them the ropes and have all settled in well together. Lots of the other dogs who were in earlier this year are booked in  while the parents jet off again so we are really busy in September and October and already November and December have started to fill up with the holiday makers - this on top of the regular day care babies.
Anyway, Stuart has made lunch and more importantly my cuppa so that trumps everything! Will update at some point in the near future (she says, optimistically!)

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