Sunday, 28 August 2011


Just a quick update on Holly and Milly after their first day at Ayrshire Dog Care yesterday. I checked up with mum this morning and she reports that they were very tired and very happy dogs who snored the night away after I dropped them off - they didn't even want to go for their walk - an unheard off occurrence! Mum and dad were delighted that Milly (who is a bit unsure of strangers) was sitting beside me very relaxed and giving me kisses, while I gave mum and dad a run down of the day. They couldn't believe they had hopped into the van no problem either. The fact that the girls are so relaxed and happy here means that mum and dad can go off on holiday next week and enjoy themselves without worrying. We are really looking forward to them joining the "gang".
Scoobs had a peaceful night here at his second home and went off this morning after making sure he had a last dip in the pool and a roll in the sand pit 5 minutes before his parents came to collect him!
Boris duly arrived this morning for his sleep over and as I type this, is snoring his huge head off - totally at home as usual!
Bella and Scarlett have been for their walk in the woods and luckily we got back home before the rain came on. Bella did her usual disappearing act - off chasing goodness knows what, but she always appears again and from a totally different direction to what I expect!
Its a bit worrying that the trees are shedding their leaves already - too soon, too soon!

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