Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Welcome to Flynn the Pomeranian!

Flynn's first day with us and he's already making friends with the others from behind the baby gate, Maisy in particular. She's the type of gal who wants to be friends with everyone and doesn't take "no" for an answer - she can't believe that someone wouldn't want to be her friend, which is great  for me and the rest of the "inmates" here at Ayrshire Dog Care. We've got Scooby, Scarlett, Maisy and Poppy here as well as Flynn so he's getting plenty to choose from. (They are all, of course, fully vaccinated and wormed etc.) He's only 8 weeks old and tiny so it will be some time before he is let loose with the rest and as usual, we will take things very slowly. He seems to have settled in really well already in "his" room and at the moment, (and for the near future), he has taken over Summer's garden where he can have some play time outside and lets us get on with his toilet training in peace!
Scooby's already been in the pool this morning  (kitchen floor is swimming!) and they are currently playing "tig" around the yard with Poppy watching from a safe distance - wise girl! She is definitely showing much more interest in the other dogs now and sniffs them and lets them sniff her.  She also on occasion, joins in their chase games, making sure she is on the edge of the chaos!
Because Flynn is here as a baby he will quickly get used to all that goes on and as we have started his socialisation at this critical early age, I'm sure he will be as "well adjusted" as the rest of them - well adjusted? - that's a matter of opinion I hear some of you say!
Summer's on holiday, yet again so he won't meet her until Monday.
I'll forgive Carol-Ann for taking her away as she brought us up a home made curry on Monday night. I was desperate to get stuck into it that night but we had training on and by the time Dale and Nat went home, I felt it was a bit late for that!! Please bear that in mind in the future, you McLellands!! (Only joking - I enjoy our cuppa and "post mortems"!)
The curry was out of this world - we had some last night with enough for tonight too - dinner sorted -curry's always better the second night! I think CA thought she was feeding 20 and not two - very welcome though and don't be tempted to cut back on the portions next time (hint! hint!).
We are all settleing down for a snooze now so its time to put the kettle on before the fun and games start again.

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